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Blogs on multi-party democracy, democratic transitions, elections and the necessary tools for these developments. On times more reflective but also rooted in current events.


Speeches given on different occasions and around the globe. Read these transcripts online or download the PDF-version for future reference. 

Fields of work

The four cornerstones of his field of work are facilitation, assessments, moderation and institution-building. Advisory services are offered on a national and international level.

About Roel

Roel is a leading international expert on supporting democratic transitions and consolidation; with over three decades of of hands-on experience.

      South African elections in perspective   These are busy weeks at the election front.  Some of the largest democracies in the world have

Congratulations with your 95th birthday Madiba!  I hope that you soon shall be able to return home again.

Catherine Ashton, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, visits Egypt today. She is meeting with interim President Adly Mansour, interim Prime Minister Hezam Beblawy and other members