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Catherine Ashton, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, visits Egypt today. She is meeting with interim President Adly Mansour, interim Prime Minister Hezam Beblawy and other members

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The second democracy wave in Egypt, Tahrir 2.0, triggered a military intervention to unseat the elected President Mohammed Morsi.  He was seen to have failed as

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Tahrir 2.0 Tahrir is showing that the democratic fiber in Egypt is irreversible.  Fantastic to note.  But the dynamics have obviously become more complex with the

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Return to Tunis Upon my return to Tunis over one year after the democratic revolution of January 2011, I am spending an April Sunday morning strolling

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The now familiar pictures of a crowded Tahrir square are streaming into our living rooms once again.  Today Egyptians celebrate the first anniversary of that remarkable

Egypt's complex Electoral System
Back at Tahrir square for next phase democracy revolution
Tunisian elections important milestone in democratic transition process
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“I have a voice” The images from Tahrir square in Cairo are deeply moving. People of all walks of life and of all ages, gathering to

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In a statement prepared by the International Steering Comittee, the Council for a Community of Democracies (CCD) calls on states to offer assistance to the government